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Host Goosoon Lee has achieved all kinds of achievements through constant challenges and efforts as a movie star, a TV, and a theater star throughout the past half-century. He believes the fruit of life is a garden with four seasons in his life, "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter." If you look around the garden of life carefully, you will feel the efforts of your work.

A few years ago, after encountering Christian culture, he became no longer immersed in life's drama and was able to devote another passion as a creative theater director and actor, with the grace and support to adapt to American life.

Mr. Lee takes it as a great blessing walk on a new path as a radio broadcast host and content developer, and he sincerely hopes that Korean Broadcasting will rise to prominence in Washington, D.C., the heart of the United States.

Goosoon Lee, Host

Director of Content Production Division 

Programs: 3COM World , Washington Outlook , 1310 Show

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